My Final Statement.

Part 1

                  Before I took photo 1 I had already begun to develop an interest in photography. I wanted to learn what I could do with a camera instead of just snapping a picture anywhere, so I was really interested in taking this class. Just being in this class for one semester I feel like I've already learned so much. Some of the things I learned include: leading lines, blur pictures, lighting, and so much more. Photography has helped me learn that I can see the world in many different point of views and that there is more going on around me then I thought. The biggest challenge this semester would have to be trying to find inspiration for the photos we were assigned. Sometimes I would have an idea for a photo in my head but then I didn't really know how to make it into a photograph. That in mind, My favorite project that we did would have to be one of our very first ones which was the scavenger hunt. We had guidelines but I felt like there was a lot of space to work in those lines. If I could re-do one project I would probably re-do the portraits because I feel like they were rushed and I could have done them a lot better.

Part 2

                 In my self portraits one of the I used symbolisms was expectation v.s reality or what society tells us is right. Those mean the world has high expectations of what we are suppose to look like v.s what we actually look like. If someone where to look at my self portraits I would want them to see the expectations the world has.

Part 3

                 To the students who are taking this class in the future, make sure you don't rush your projects! If you are given a weekend to do these projects then take the whole weekend don't do them all on Sunday night. Try and spread the project out over time and take a few pictures everyday. Also, when you are editing things take time to do them and don't just try and finish them as fast as you can. Overall, just try and do your best on your photos because at the end of the semester it's nice to look back at all the work you've accomplished.


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