Photo Essay

I chose to do my photo essay on the overall vibe of the Portland Saturday market. These photos show people and their creative minds at work. There are so many different types of people all over the world and Portland is especially diverse in terms of personality. All my life I've been visiting the market so it has many memories attached to it. I was born in Portland and grew up with most of the same views people have here. My goal is for people wherever they may be, to experience what being in Portland is like and the overall atmosphere.
Portland will forever have a place in my heart. I hope that everyone is lucky enough to experience this city and what it's about. Although not everyone has the means of doing so. Hopefully they can travel to Portland with me in these photos and explore the Saturday market.

The Saturday market sells a big variety of things including plants. This is one of my favorite stands mostly because their plants are grown in Portland.
A jewelry vendor sells an item to a client looking to purchase. Everyone here is super chill and not really pushy at all.
This is one of the Portland Saturday market's many booths, and within every booth contains something the vendor finds valuable in some way. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; Portland's Saturday market holds an abundance of beautiful things.
The market's crowded area and busy atmosphere allows for little to no seating so finding a place to relax can be difficult. Right outside of one of the food courts a father and his child take a quick break to eat lunch.
From macaroons to home made furniture the market sells almost everything. These are objects that spin around in the wind creating a super cool design.
As we see here art is very diverse with sculptures, photography, paintings and more we are able to appreciate all types of artwork at the Saturday market. It's truly amazing how someone is able to paint such fantastic painting with just spray paint and random objects.
The band "Swamp Boys" play just a little bit outside of the Saturday market by the fountain. Their music filled the air as people walking by stopped and listened.
My personal favorite artist B.J. here at the market stands in front of one of his newest painting. B.J. paintings are mostly of the city and some of his best seller's are of the beloved voodoo doughnut sign.
Every couple hours right by the water front the market has different entertainment. When I went, lucky enough, the Indonesian dancers took the stage and showed intricate dances native to Indonesia as well as showed off their beautiful costumes.
Even more Indonesian dancers wait to get on stage and show the crowd other dances native to many different islands.
Front and center this tie dye stand brightens up the Saturday market with it's vibrant array of clothing. This stand really shows what Portland is about and the vibes we give off.
The joyful balloon artist demonstrates his capabilities. This man can make anything from a monkey in a hammock to a giraffe eating leaves off a tree.
People crowd the small streets trying to get a look at what the market has to offer. Everyone from Portland Natives to tourists visits the Saturday market that runs from Saturday to Sunday every weekend.



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